The Application Process


  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Eligible to work in the US or Canada
  • One year experience with kids
  • Teaching credential preferred, but not required! (I don’t have one!)


  • Stable, preferably wired, internet connection.
  • A laptop/computer, with Chrome browser and flash, or an iPad.
  • A mouse for your PC
  • headphones, preferably a headset
  • More About Tech


I want to emphasize that you should not stress out about this. This process is mostly to check your connection and that you’re not a nervous wreck, so don’t be one! Be confident! You’ve got this! Seriously, teacher’s whizz through these steps, and when they don’t, they often fix one or two things. You’ll be teaching in no time.

Below is a list of steps. This is only to tell you what is to come. I don’t think you need to know these steps at all in as much detail as I go into here.

Step 1: Basic Information (5 min.)  Begin here!

Step 2: The Interview and Demo Lesson (30 min.+)

There are four different options to finish this process. Most people choose option (A) Online Interview + Demo Lesson. You talk to a VIPKid employee, do a small demo class and move on to the next stage.

The four options are shown below:

           (A) Online Interview + Demo Lesson

           (B) Record Demo Lesson and send it in.

           (C) Express Interview, by invite only!

           (D) Coaching Days: Fast Pass

Once you complete this step, you will be able to start seeing more classroom material and begin practicing more in depth as needed.


Click here to get extra help!
HTML tutorial



Once you pass this part, you can NO LONGER FAIL!

Yes, you heard me right!


Anything you do now, you can always re-do!



Step 3: Mock Classes and Coaching (1 hrs +)

Now it might be a good idea to study a little bit of the material, but really, do NOT stress out! Sign up for Mock Classes with a coach who will give you some tips. Then, start becoming certified in different class types. I suggest starting with trial certifications!

Step 4: VIPKid’s TESOL Certificate (varies)

Complete VIPKid’s easy quiz to show how much you know about TESOL. If you’re a whiz, go ahead and just try the quiz – you can take it as many times as you’d like. Read more about it here.

Step 5: The Certificate Center (varies)

Here you can become certified in teaching different types of VIPKid classes. I highly recommend getting your first certification for Trial classes – new students are easier to book when you’re a new teacher. Then, complete however many certifications you’d like. The more certifications you have, the more your bookings will fill up. Start with trial certifications!

Step 6: Background check, Contract, and TEACH!

As soon as you can, fill in your background check and sign your contract. As soon as you do this (and have your first certificate), you can start teaching! Learn more about steps you can take to get bookings fast.


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