Inside the Classroom…

June 4th, 2019. Updated October 23, 2019.

Since VIPKid has slowly updated their classrooms, there are a few different classroom styles. You can see the current classroom is styled like the one below.


This is what the classroom looks like before class starts. You’ll see the student’s name, their gender, and age if they’ve been filled in. There will be information about the class, and previous teacher’s notes.

Once class starts, the student information area becomes the slides for the classroom.

Interactive Functions:

  • Start Class button
    • in the top left is a start class button. Hit it, watch your camera and mic turn on, and begin teaching!
  • Countdown timer
    • in the top left corner is a count down timer until class starts
    • The timer will begin to count up now to show you how many minutes you’ve taught.
    • Note: if there’s a glitch with the timer – just teach 25 minutes! Don’t worry if the timer shows 0:00 for the whole class! (rare, but happens)
  • 10 seconds button
    • When there are 10 seconds left before class starts, a floating button pops up that says “Start Class”. Click this and your camera and microphone will start working. The student’s camera will open and you’ll be able to start the lesson.
  • Student mouse function
    • Students can draw all over the lesson with a mouse or with their finger if they’re on a tablet/mobile.
    • You can turn the student mouse function off in the bottom right corner of the lesson. Very handy when a student won’t stop doodling. Also, helpful when you’re teaching “Yes, I can circle.” “No, I can not circle.”
  • Message students or Firemen
    • You can type messages to the student and/or firemen in the bottom right corner.
    • Note that students using a mobile or tablet cannot currently type.


Common Tech Problems and What to Do:

If you cannot hear/see the student or they cannot hear/see you, there are a few different things that could be wrong.

  • Either you, the student, or the VIPKid servers could have internet connection issues. Capture2Hit the “refresh” button and wait for the classroom to reload. If that doesn’t work, hit the “Line #” button and choose a different line and wait for the classroom to reload. If that doesn’t work – Contact Fireman!


  • Are your microphone and camera connected correctly?                                              This usually only happens when you’re new to VIPKid or when you’ve swapped computers. Double check connections, double check your computer settings, and double check the settings in the classroom. Hit the settings button under your photo to check connections to VIPKidCapture3
  • Read More about Tech


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