2020 Incentives Calculator

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Unfortunately, many teachers are taking a pay cut in 2020. For the odd teacher that teaches more than 150 classes (ish) a month, it is a pay raise.

A quick recap of the old payment incentives

Before December, 2019 teachers could calculate their payment using the following information:

(base pay + $1 incentive) * # of classes + monthly incentive = total monthly pay

This is where the monthly incentive was based on how many classes you taught this month, as in the chart below.

Monthly Incentives 2019

The New 2020 Method of Payment Incentives…

The new method takes into account your base pay, the number of classes you’ve taught in your total time with VIPKid, and the number of classes you’ve taught that month. Here is the chart VIPKid provides about incentives.

2020 Incentives

For me, this was a little confusing – Was it cumulative like in the past? Or was it retroactive ie once I hit 40 classes, did I earn $1.20 for all 40 classes. Unfortunately it’s not retroactive. Using an example from Tier 1 (a new teacher with very few classes under their belt), with a base pay of $7.50, we can see our monthly income.

A total of 15 classes / month = (7.5+0.8)*15 classes

= $124.50 / month

A total of 25 classes / month = (7.5+0.8)*20 classes + (7.5+1.2)*5 classes

= $209.50 / month

A total of 50 classes / month = (7.5+0.8)*20 classes+(7.5+1.2)*20 classes+(7.5+1.7)*10 classes

= $432/month

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