China’s Corona Virus and Our Students

Update 3/24/2019: At least one of my students has returned to school. Another one of my students has definitely not returned to school. I don’t often ask them, since I want them to say something less boring than “I stayed at home all day.” Now that the corona virus has hit the USA, I will begin telling them that I’m staying at home all day, and probably end up giggling and bonding over it.

Update 4/16/2019: (totally no references here) Some of my teacher friends who were teaching in China have been asked to return to China to teach to empty classrooms. Ha! I have heard that Beijing schools will only be online. Parents whose children go to expensive private schools in China want refunds. Others struggle to help their child with… wait for it… ENGLISH! 🙂

All of us at VIPKid are sad to see our restless students every day waiting to be allowed out and about again.

The good news: It doesn’t (yet) have as a high a morbidity rate as other viruses/illnesses.

The bad news: It obviously spreads easily and quickly.

In an effort to bring cheer to students, particularly those in Wuhan Province, VIPKid is offering 1.5 million free classes to students affected. Teachers are circulating e-cards, little videos, and even sending face masks to China.

For those interested in donating face masks, please send them to the following address provided by VIPKid. They plan to make their first shipment on February 10, 2020.

VIPKid Community Team
301 Howard Street
Suite 910
San Francisco, CA 94105


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