Ahh! Tech!

Tech before you teach!

  •  Internet
    • Plug in your internet. Wifi just isn’t as steady a connection!
    • Test your internet download and upload speed
      • You can probably get away with 5+ Mbps upload speeds
    • Is someone else playing a video game or hogging internet speed while you’re teaching? (especially upload speeds!)
    • Are background applications hogging your internet? Check your computer settings!
    • Consider backup internet

Audio or Camera issues?

  • Unplug and plug it back in!
See the arrow to find audio and camera settings in VIPKid’s classroom
    • Use the settings icon in the VIPKid classroom to choose the appropriate camera and audio source
    • Update your computer’s drivers if needed
    • Ensure that your computer has the appropriate camera/audio settings selected.
  • Consider back up electricity
    • Get a lamp people! No shadows!
  • Props!
    • Drag out some toys for those little kiddies.


Be sure to reach out for help!


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