Chinese New Year 2020 – Coronavirus Update!


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many schools and businesses are remaining closed passed New Years. This allows students and their parents to remain home and hopefully will help curb the virus. In the mean time, it also means that evening bookings will probably continue. I hope the students get back to school safely and quickly though!

Update 3/24/2019: At least one of my students has returned to school. Another one of my students has definitely not returned to school. I don’t often ask them, since I want them to say something less boring than “I stayed at home all day.” Now that the corona virus has hit the USA, I will begin telling them that I’m staying at home all day, and probably end up giggling and bonding over it.

Most students will have a month long vacation, starting around January 18 until February 16. They’ll be traveling home on the days surrounding these days. Or rather, trying.


For VIPKid teachers, this can mean a variance in bookings. From reading too much, I gather some newer teachers may have lower bookings than usual. However, I along with our veteran teachers seem to be having a blast.

Some of you know I was teaching in Asia, but now I am back in the US of A, and Chinese New Year means I’m teaching from 5 am – 8 am and 6:30 pm – 10 pm, EVERY. DAY. Ka-ching!

This year of 2020, I have dialed back on VIPKid bookings due to my other day job, but I have been getting plenty of evening classes. With more teachers (and honestly a 4.99 apple score instead of a 5.0), there has been a small drop in classes. They always come back though!

screenshot (1)
My current schedule as of Jan. 23, 2019 afternoon US time.


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