Chinese Government Rules Winter 2019

The Chinese Government has been trying to crack down more on unregulated companies claiming to teach students English. Luckily, VIPKid actually DOES teach students a lot of English, so we have a lot less to worry about. However, starting in November 2019 some things may change.

  • Your profile will be more public – Bachelor’s degree, certificates, etc.
  • In mainland China, only Trial Classes will now be available for booking between 9-10pm BJT. Students outside of mainland China will not be affected and can continue to book from 9-10pm BJT.
  • In mainland China, students will not be able to book back to back classes.
  • Level 7+ classes which are 50 minutes require a 10 minute break. It will be 25 min. teaching, 10 min. break, 23 min teaching.

One pro is that you may receive more trial classes. These can often be last minute bookings, increasing your pay. You may also “convert” a student from a trial to a regular VIPKid student, and earn an extra $5 bonus.

One con is that your regular students in China will miss out on that last hour of classes, and teachers may see a dip in classes.


Overall, I’m glad my students will have to have a break between classes and that young students will be unable to book late at night.

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