US Holidays 2019

A lot of teachers wonder if they can take Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years off. The answer is, of course, YES YOU CAN! It’s one of the added benefits of VIPKid’s Flexible Schedule.

Every year, however, our wonderful Chinese students continue to ask for VIPKid classes, so this is a prime time for teachers to earn some extra cash if they’re able. VIPKid also had a variety of bonuses this year, which included cash incentives and drawings for iPads and trips to China. In December of 2018, I made an extra $30, but I could have made an extra $70 if I had wanted to work between Christmas and New Years, and entered to win prizes.

The students also LOVE to have Christmas themed anything usually. I bought a set of tiny holiday erasers which I could hold up to my camera as my behavior incentives. Cost me a dollar. Other teachers take it farther and dress up in red, pointed hats or even as Santa himself! Kids love to hear about your life and learn lots of new vocabulary through it as well.

So VIPKid teachers! Enjoy your holidays! All of them!

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