Substituting with VIPKid

The largest misconception…

The largest misconception I see surrounding the VIPKid Substituting program is that teachers think they need to book their substitute teachers. VIPKid does not allow teachers to ask for a substitute. If you need to miss a class, you cancel the class. VIPKid figures it out from there.

Quick Facts:

  • VIPKid invites teachers every Monday via email to substitute for the next week.
  • Before your substitution time begins, you message VIPKid to let them know you are there and ready.
  • If you choose to not show up for your substitute classes, you will not be penalized.
  • As a substitute, if you show up and there’s no student, you will be paid your base rate (not half).
  • If you substitute for a student, you will receive the same pay as if it were a 24 hour booking. (+$2 bonus)

The Email Invite

On Monday evening BJT VIPKid sends out an email inviting you to work as a substitute. They explain the rules here and you follow a link to a doodle form.

Fill out form

The form shows time slots for the following Monday morning BJT through Sunday evening BJT. Note that all the times are in BEIJING time. Fill out the form with your teacher Show Name.

Alert Firemen before Substituting

If you are not teaching before your substituting class, 15 minutes prior to your substitute class message the Firemen either through the app, the browser, or the app on your phone. Specify consecutive time slots that you are substituting for.

If you are teaching before your substituting class, message the firemen prior to starting that class (30 min early). Specify consecutive time slots that you are substituting for. Teach your regular class as usual.

Be Ready for a Last Second Substitute Booking!

Classes can now be booked for the next time slot. Keep an eye on your phone app AND your computer for these bookings. Refresh lots! You do NOT want to miss this class!

If you are booked…

Teach the class as you normally would. Teach up to the 25th to 28th minute as needed. Do not teach over that. Don’t worry if class is only 18 minutes long. Class ends either at the :28 or :58 no matter what!

Wait 15 minutes…

You must wait 15 minutes to see if you get the substitute booking. If you do not get booked, you will still be paid. It will not show up on your payment tab until after the beginning of the next month.

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