Flexible Schedule

So you want to know more about this “flexible” schedule, because it’s never as good as it seems.

You’re right. There’s one small teeny itty bitty… Well, really two, hiccups.

  1. VIPKid’s classrooms are only open from 8:30am to 10pm Beijing Time
  2. Students choose when they want to have a class, and who teaches each class.


Quick Facts:

  • Do I need to teach a set number of hours each day/week/month?  – No.
  • Do I have to teach at the same time each week? – No.
  • Will I always get the same students each week? – Maybe. Students sign up for you.


What times are the most popular?

  • If you’re in the US or Canada, wake up bright and early for classes.
  • Popular times during the school year are from 7 pm – 9 pm Beijing Time
    • Note that in China, only trial classes can be booked from 9-10 pm Beijing Time.
    • All students outside of China can book classes up until 10 pm Beijing Time.
  • Popular times on weekends, winter and summer vacation are all day, every day!
  • Click here for a time converter to Beijing Time

This is what my week looked like on Dec. 3, 2018. The time listed to the left is in CST. Yours will adjust to your time zone which can be edited in your account information.

VIPKid Dec 3

How many hours can I teach?

VIPKid is open for business 13.5 hours a day. That means that if you taught all day (or night!) every day for a week, you could make $1890 dollars a week. This life-style would kill you.

During the regular Chinese school year, I teach 28-33 hours a week for VIPKid. That’s 3-4 hours before work Monday through Friday, and 13.5 hours Friday night through Sunday night.

Students are in school during the day, and usually only take VIPKid classes at night. There will be a few more bookings during breakfast and lunch time in China.

What happens if I need to change my schedule?

So, I opened a class slot for 7:30 tomorrow morning, but my friends asked me out to dinner and now I don’t want to teach it. No problem – I can close this class slot UP UNTIL a student books it. Once a student books the class, I must officially “cancel” the class. This counts against me as a teacher, and can eventually even get me fired.

What happens if I get sick?

You’re gonna need a doctors note to “cancel” a class without any penalties.

What happens if the electricity goes out, or there’s a flood/hurricane?

Show documentation from your electricity provider. Or show VIPKid that you live in a region just hit by a hurricane/flood. You’re golden.

What happens if…?

Jeez guys, just start teaching! 🙂

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