Get More Bookings

Hi New Teachers!


So if you haven’t figured it out now, students and their parents get to see your profile before they choose you to be their teacher. Therefore it is important to ensure that you have:

  • Some nice profile pics for the students to see
  • A written short intro message
  • A short intro video

Unfortunately, looks matter in this department, so don’t skimp out, but also, don’t stress out! (I never wear make-up, ha)

Next, be sure to get your certificates in as many class levels as possible, and preferably in this order:

  • Trials
  • Level 1 and/or 2 (the babies)
  • Whichever!

Open as many slots as you can possibly open, and mark as many of them as possible as a 24 hour slot. This means students can book you right up until the class starts. You are more likely to get Trial students this way and a foot in the door to other students. But be sure to WATCH YOUR PHONE. You don’t want to end up with too many 24 hour books in a row!!!

Once you have a few classes, they should keep rolling in.


IF …

you find that you still aren’t getting bookings, I strongly suggest that you

A) make your language more simplistic in your video and writings


B) send VIPKid a ticket and let them know that you haven’t gotten a booking in the first few weeks. They’ll always help a teacher out!

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