VIPKid Pay

As of December 26, 2019, all new teachers will receive a different pay incentive. We are still waiting for some clarification. To read about the new incentive, click here.

VIPKid advertises that you can make between $14-$22 dollars an hour, which is very true. After all the “add-ons” teachers receive, the minimum is really $16 an hour.

So, here is a short explanation of VIPKid pay. I hope you enjoy!

Base Pay + $1 incentive per class + monthly bonus = class pay 2 = hourly pay

Base Pay

VIPKid base pay ranges from $7.50 per class to $9 per class. While it is possible, I find it difficult to get a pay raise past $8 (update – ya’ll I got a pay raise! $8.50!) Therefore during your interview show them that you are overly qualified. ie teaching certificate, TESOL certificate, old jobs in schools, after-school help etc.

$1 incentive per class

VIPKid will give you $1 per class that you show up to on time and teach the full 25 minutes. I have NEVER had them take away this $1 incentive in over 2 years and I have NEVER read somewhere about them taking it away. So seriously consider this a given extra dollar per class. Wahoo!

Monthly Bonus

If you teach over 30 classes in a calendar month (15 hours), you get an extra $0.50 for ALL the classes taught that month. If you teach over 45  classes in a calendar month (22.5 hours), you get an extra $1 for ALL the classes taught that month. They do not combine the $0.50 and $1 together, so no, you will not make an extra $1.50 on any classes through the monthly bonus.

The Fun, Extra incentives:

If you convert a trial class over to a major class course (meaning after they tried out VIPKid with you, they signed up), you get $5.

If you have a class booked within 24 hours, you get an extra $2 per class.

If you teach during certain time frames  or a certain number of classes (rules given via email from VIPKid), you can make extra. For example, in the month of April 2019, you can earn an extra $70 if you teach 28 classes per week.

If you teach classes, you get “tokens”. You can enter them into different raffle drawings. Sometimes someone wins an iPad. Last month I won an extra $200! But winning depends entirely on luck. They advertise some raffles by email.

Personal example:

My base pay in Spring of 2019 was $8 per class, but we always get that extra $1 per class, and I always teach more than 45 classes in a calendar month. So, when I look at my pay, I always think about how I am making $10 per class, or $20 an hour. Obviously, some may get a higher or lower base pay, or some might not teach 45 classes in a month.

To take this further, in the last three calendar months (Dec, Jan, Feb), I have taught an average of 230 classes a month and made an average of $2330/month. Doing some math, that’s about 28.75 hours a week and a little over $20/hour.

($8   $1  + $1) *2= $10 2 = $20  hourly pay

The Icky Part, (Although I like it cause I’m nerdy)…


Teachers are contractors and not employees of VIPKid. There are no benefits. You have to save money and do quarterly taxes to avoid penalties. Quarterly taxes aren’t too difficult, and I always just save 30% of my monthly paycheck to pay the quarterly taxes and continue to save the left over cash until I pay my taxes for the year.

Questions? Ask away!

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