Who are these “Firemen”? 🔥

Who are these “Firemen” and are they really running around Beijing putting out fires? 🔥

They might not be running, but they certainly put out fires!

Firemen are lovely tech individuals on the ground in Beijing. They will contact parents for you regarding a variety of situations including: tech problems, student behavior problems, and safety issues.

So, here’s my average classroom:

I login, and I can see the student is logged in as well. I wait for the clock to hit the 10 seconds before class starts mark, and hit “start class“. I can see myself in the camera, and I can tell my mic is working by the green mic lines. I say “hello!” but for some reason, I can’t see or hear my student!


So, I hit the “refresh” button in the top right and wait about 20 seconds. Nope, doesn’t work. Ok then, I hit the “Line#” button and choose a different line number. I wait the 20 seconds again and oh, nope, doesn’t work again!

So, I go ahead and hit the “Contact Firemen” button and in the drop down click “can’t see student” and “can’t hear student” and then scroll down and hit “contact firemen” again in that menu.

The button changes to “waiting” and I’m waiting for someone on the ground in China to let me know if it’s my connection, the student’s connection, or if the kid just decided the best thing ever was to try and have “tech problems” to skip class 😉 (just kidding mostly).

Eventually, the busy “Fireman” comes.

  • The firemen might change the classroom to an older style classroom, that takes slower internet.
  • The firemen might let you know that they’re calling the parents to see what’s up.
  • The firemen might never tell you anything and you magically see a “Student-IT” after class is over.

Usually, whatever tech problem it was is quickly resolved and I teach the remaining time.

How do I finish the lesson though?! We lost so much time!

Don’t worry about it. Feel free to extend class time up to 28 min. I can extend up to 28 min. at my own prerogative or if the Firemen ask me to I will also do so. I have never been penalized for not teaching long enough. That timer hits 25 minutes and I’m out!

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