“Horror” Stories

Honestly, I have been with VIPKid for over a year and a half. I’m on my 4th 6-month contract. I haven’t had any major issues with the company, because I prioritize being at class, on-time. Others have encountered issues with the company. Every time I have heard of problems, my Number-One Piece of Advice is:

  • Email them and use the same vocabulary you would for your students! English is their second language!
  • Do NOT use academic, formal, work-place English, because it won’t work!
  • Accept no blame.

Regarding issues with students, we have all had many. VIPKid usually backs us up and helps us out – the Firemen are a godsend. Common “Horror” stories include:

  • nudity, bathroom runs, changing clothes before/after class
  • running with ipads
  • screaming
  • fighting with parents

The most common issues with student behavior I have are actually just regular student distraction and the occasional eye-roll.

Some of my more interesting and unique stories include:

  • Student playing with a probably-toy gun
  • Student skateboarding during class
  • Student trying to take the class on a moving train.


There is a button – Contact Firemen! The button is in the top right of your classroom. You can’t click it until 5 minutes before class. This button includes a drop down menu with things like:

  • Student can’t hear me
  • Teacher can’t hear Student
  • Student Behavior Issue
  • Emergency Situations


If there is a safety issue, the Firemen have your back!

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