The Interview Process


Step 1: Basic Information (5 min.)  Sign up here!

Step 2: The Interview and Demo Lesson (30 min.+) 

Step 3: Certifications and Mock Classes (2 hrs +)

Step 4: VIPKid’s TESOL Certificate (varies)

Step 5: Background check, Contract, and TEACH!

Step 1: Basic Information (5 min.) Sign up here!

You know your email and your name and some basic information about yourself. That’s it! Make certain to put all of the information correctly into the system. Sign up for your interview and demo class. If, for some reason, you entered your information incorrectly, all you need is a new email and you can repeat this process.

Step 2: The Interview and Demo Lesson (30 min.)

Be sure to reach out for help with Demo Lessons!!!

     There are four ways to do this step:

           (A) Online Interview + Demo Lesson

           (B) Record Demo Lesson and send it in.

           (C) Express Interview, by invite only!

           (D) Coaching Days: Fast Pass

(A) Online Interview + Demo Lesson

This is a one-on-one interview online with a staff member in Beijing. They ask about your background and check your internet connection and technology. Then you do a short 10-min. demo lesson, with the staff member pretending to be a student. They give you the demo lesson materials in advance, so you are able to easily prepare. This is how I was accepted, and it was a very painless process. You get great, immediate feedback. Be sure to reach out for help with Demo Lessons!!!

(B) Record Demo Lesson

This is exactly like the live lesson, but you record yourself and pretend that there is a student. VIPKid gives you the material and you enter an online classroom through their website (don’t worry, no students yet!). When you’re ready you hit record and “teach” to a non-existent student. Then, you send the video into VIPKid and they evaluate you. Be sure to reach out for help with Demo Lessons!!!

(C) Express Interview (by invite only)

This is a recorded video with a self-intro, but the lesson is only 3 min! This is quick and easy, but it doesn’t help you by giving you any feedback on your teaching. Be sure to reach out for help with Demo Lessons!!!

(D) Coaching Days: Fast Pass

You spend a few hours with teachers in a real, live, location. Supposedly, you may get to skip some of the interview process. Sign ups are located here. Be sure to reach out for help with Demo Lessons!!!


Once you pass this part, you can NO LONGER FAIL!

Yes, you heard me right!


Anything you do now, you can always re-do!


Step 3: Certifications and Mock Classes (2 hrs +)

Previously, VIPKid told you what class levels you were going to teach. Now, you will enter the Certification Center, and choose which certifications you would like to pursue.

VIPKid offers many different classes, so take a look at the different videos and materials provided by VIPKid and choose which level to begin with (you can get more later).  Here, you will prepare TWO 10-min. lessons.

Once you feel comfortable, book a mock class inside of a real VIPKid classroom. This is a dedicated 30-min slot with a Mock Class Mentor, who will give you some feedback on your teaching. From here, you will either:

(1) continue to a second Mock Class for practice,

or (2) be hired!

Step 4: VIPKid’s TESOL Certificate

    • Determine if you need to do the VIPKid TESOL certificate. It’s easy, just get going and take that quiz! (You can’t fail!)

Step 5: Background check, Contract, and TEACH!

  • Sign your contract
  • Fill out the paper work for a background check
  • Teach your first class!

Lay the groundwork to start teaching…

  • Make a short profile video. Mine is literally just saying “Hello. My name is Teacher Fiona. What’s your name?”
  • Write a short excerpt about yourself for your profile page. Use SIMPLE English! They have to translate it into Chinese for parents.
  • Go into the teacher portal and check your certifications – are they up to date? Do you want to teach more levels?

Open slots and GET TEACHING!!!

Wait, what is this Flexible Schedule…

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