Types of VIPKid Classes

Before you get overwhelmed with this long list, realize that when you’re new, you really only teach a few of these courses. From there, you can certify into more and more courses that you’re interested in.

So, here’s a list of some classes that VIPKid offers students in China. They have added WAY more classes. I don’t teach them all!

  • Trial Classes
    • Trial
    • MC Trial 3.0
    • MC Trial 3.0 Plus
  • Major Courses
    • Level 1-6, 7+, and 7 plus
    • “interactive”  and “static” classrooms
    • Level 1 is also called Pre-VIP
  • Starlight
  • Free Talk
  • TOEFL Primary
  • Voice of VIPKid
  • VIPKid Phonics
  • Proper Pronunciation
  •  Grammar
    • Beginner and Advanced
  • Leveled Reading
    • Beginner and Advanced
  • One to Many
  • Junior Creator’s League
    • Social Studies
    • Music
    • Biology

New Teachers

When you first begin with VIPKid, you usually begin by getting certified in trials, level 1 and/or level 2. Trials give you experience. There are more students in these levels as well, which will help you book more classes. When I started with VIPKid, I was certified for trials and levels 3-5. I slowly expanded from there. I now teach everything except biology, Level 1, One to Many and Voice of VIPKid.

Trial Classes

These are classes offered by VIPKid for new students. It is the often the Chinese student’s first time in a VIPKid classroom. They need to be taught everything, from the idea that yes, they can draw on the screen, to how to say “Hello. I am BaoBao.” Trial classes vary in level, and sometimes students are accidentally put in the wrong level. That means you need to either make it easier for the student, or make it  harder for the student. Levels included are Pre-VIP, and levels 1-6.

Level 1 (Pre-VIP)

This level is often called the “Dora the Explorer” level. Students often watch and listen more. Kids in Pre-VIP are often 3 years old and have mom or dad with them helping out. Just have fun! If the studen’t doesn’t say “I am _.” or “My name is _.” just keep on going! If they say anything, it’s a win!

Major Courses

These are courses offered for kids ages 5-12 in varying difficulties of English. You start with the alphabet in Level 2 Unit 1 and build up from there, to talking about volcanoes in Level 6. My favorite level is Level 3, because there’s lots of movement you can do in some of these lessons. Students learn more about animals too, which is fun! “What am I? *bark bark*” “Dog!”

Free Talk

While there are some readings and structured questions, it is much more about getting the student talking about anything. I usually choose one phrase to work on, and that’s it. I find I have to extend a lot in these classrooms, since there’s only 18 slides! Topics include: shopping, weekend activities, hobbies, and more. There are two levels.

TOEFL Primary

TOEFL Primary is to get students ready to take the fast paced TOEFL test. There are two levels. Students follow three to four steps during reading and listening to figure out the answers to multiple choice questions. Students have homework before and after class that focuses on vocabulary acquisition, so before class see if your student has been keeping up with homework.


These classrooms are unique and you, like the vast majority of teachers, will probably not teach these classes. I have never taught one! They may be more of a “television” version of VIPKid, or you may have 4 students in your classroom! I really don’t know yet!

Junior Creator’s League

I teach Music and Social Studies.

In music, they learn vocabulary such as “tempo” and “beat”. Students create a drum and play on it for you. It’s good to know lots of music vocabulary, but they’ll also tell it to you.

In social studies, they learn vocabulary surrounding bridges and talk about “arch bridges” and “plank bridges”. They build bridges out of paper and show you it!

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