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Many, many, many VIPKid teachers travel. I myself have used VIPKid to fund many journeys and often live abroad for long time periods. There are teachers out there who live on boats, who live in caravans, who are traversing the world on foot or by plane! So, if you’re looking for a flexible job so that you can travel, VIPKid is for you.

Things to Consider While Traveling:

  • stable internet, back up internet
  • stable electricity, back up electricity
  • a laptop that can travel. or your iPad.
  • traveling classroom props
  • portable light
  • quiet space to teach in


Traveling using AirBnB:

Many teachers book an AirBnB at their destination for a month or so. Before booking, they often talk to their host about internet. Usually teachers ask their AirBnB host to screenshot you an internet speed test. If it has a fast enough download and upload speed, your set! Book to your hearts content! Be aware however that if others are also using the same internet, the stability can be compromised during high use times.


When should I travel?

  • The worst time to fly is the weekend – that’s when you have lots of classes! Also, during the summer time, you can get students all. day. long. Which means you may or may not choose to travel during this time. However, I have traveled every day of the week, so really, it’s just about always trying to have class with my students.


When should I start booking classes?

After you arrive. Seriously, do NOT book classes until you arrive. Imagine if you were delayed! I give myself at least three extra days for travel, incase of delays, jet lag, or technology issues.


What if I just want to take short trips?

Great. Set your schedule and GO. Tomorrow, I’m going to go see my best friend up north for two nights. Yay! VIPKid doesn’t mind, and my student bookings are up for this next weekend.

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