TPR stands for Total Physical Response, and we use it LOTS in VIPKid. The gist of it is that you can convey more with your body to your student. The student can also convey lots back to you, if they realize they can use their body! A quick example:

We teach the words “look” and “see” to our less advanced students by putting our hand over our eyes and looking around. To our more advanced students, we can show them the difference between “look” and “see” by holding up an object (my favorite elephant) and saying “I see an elephant. I see a book. I see a computer.” and then changing to inspecting the elephant and saying “I look at the elephant.” To even more advanced students, we will teach things like “find” and “inspect”, which we can add more TPR to.

Common TPR that I use in the classroom includes:

  • “see”, “look”, “find” – put my hand over my eyes and look exaggeratedly around.
  • “walk” – upsidedown v shape with my fingers and then walking across the screen
  • “talk” – two hand puppets talking to eachother
  • “sleep” – you’ve got the idea
  • “sounds like” – brush my ear with my hand
  • “circle” – draw a circle in the air. hold up my mouse if students are sill learning that they can draw on the screen.
  • “listen” – hands open behind my ears and shake them

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