How do Parents Book Classes?

It is a little bit of a mystery to all VIPKid teachers how parents book classes. When parents book classes, they scroll through thousands of teachers and read their profiles and see their pictures. And eventually, they choose you. And will probably keep choosing you.

When can parents book my classes?

At Noon, Beijing time, Dec 2, parents can book any open classes up until the 16th. It’s basically two weeks ahead. So, if it’s noon in Beijing on December 9th, they can book through the 22nd.

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Priority Booking:

Students you have taught previously can book a “priority” class with you up to two weeks in advance. Students have the option to automatically ask for a priority booking at the same exact time two weeks later.

They can also request a class time that you haven’t opened. If they do that, you will receive a notification and be able to either add them, deny them, or just ignore them. When you’re a new teacher, accept as many of these as you can!

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