A Fun Classroom Environment


Wait, so you’re saying all I need is a computer and internet and I can teach little kids? but… but… but..?!?!?!

That is really all you need. But you also want to have fun right?

Classroom items can be important as they not only can allow the student to practice vocabulary, they can also liven up the classroom, and therefore your teaching too!

The most common items used

  • a fun background/backdrop
  • a hand held white board and marker
  • ABC flash cards
  • toys or items from around your house

For me, I find holding a white board silly. I draw on the screen and the student sees it. When they don’t notice, I direct them through TPR and words to look at the screen.

Items I personally enjoy and use:

  • my little kid toys, like my cloth barn with small cloth farm animals inside
  • finger puppets
  • ABC flash cards
  • A small bell (trial class material)
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