About VIPKid

Want to start teaching ESL? Want to work from home? Want a flexible schedule?

Apply now!

Quick Facts:

  • Teach kids English online 1-on-1
  • Flexible schedule (See here!)
  • Paid $14-$22 an hour
  • Requires a Bachelors Degree
  • 1 year experience with kids, make it sound professional!

What do VIPKid teachers do?

Hello! I am Dino.

We wake up, roll out of bed, make certain our hair isn’t everywhere, get some coffee, fire up the computer, and teach English!

Our kids range in age from 3-12. Pre-VIPkids is for younger kids, and involves lots of fun and games. Major Course classes are usually for students ages 5+. The students are primarily from China. But, just like me, some of my students travel while doing VIPkid!

VIPKid is planning on expanding past China. Because students are usually in China, teachers in the USA wake up very early to teach. My first class is usually at 5 am! But, everything has a silver lining. I’m done with work at 9 am and have the whole day to myself!


Teaching with VIPKid is easy – they do the prep work for you! The students are placed in a classroom level. Then, when you open the classroom, there are slides that you move through with the student. Each slide has directions for you.


The new VIPKid classrooms are often interactive – I can even make my student look like a panda! During class, the student usually reads a short story and then answers questions about the text. These texts can range from stories with pets, all the way to short scientific articles about volcanic eruptions in Pompeii!


The basic requirements include a headset ($20), a computer, and a wired internet connection. Toys are an added bonus that spices up classes.

Read more about the application process or follow this link to apply!

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